Thank you for taking part in our poll! We had 186 total votes and this showed us two things. It really helped us get some idea of the direction we want to take the podcast and it also showed that there’s some genuine interest on this topic.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that our top answer was to experience a new class/role. Fully 30% of the votes landed on that reason. Other top answers were: love of leveling (15%), escape (13%), alternate faction experience (12%) and experimentation (9%).

Rounding out the lowest voted topics were: PVP (5%), challenge (4%) and more max-level characters to assist guild raiding ( 3%). Even at 3% though, our lowest vote getter still had 7 votes. I don’t feel like any of the shards of alting were so low as to be left out of the podcast.

In fact, outside of the ones I thought of to include in the poll, there were several new reasons for alting that you brought up. A sampling of our “other” answers (8% of total votes) included: professions, max-level professions, profession alts (do you sense a trend?), profession domination.

Yeah, if any of you play with Psynister and I, you know that we’re very serious about professions on every alt. I really can’t believe I left it off of the poll. Maybe it’s because I think of it as part of my alting… like of course professions! Something interesting happened because I left it off though. I’ve always thought of using professions on an alt for that alt alone. Sure, I bounce to another max level alt to snag an enchant or a gem for one of my other toons, but when I roll the alt, I don’t have the end game in mind. A lot of you do. There are different approaches to professions for alts and depending on how the first professions themed podcast goes, we may decide to bring it up again from another perspective.

Also included in the “other” responses were: an alt for every mood, easier to play multiple classes/races than sticking to just one, bored with end game, alts to play with friends, relearn a class post-patch/expansion, see revitalized zones in 1-60 levels, short attention span, and no clue what to do.

Here’s a list of upcoming podcast themes we’re considering (not in order or necessarily complete):

  • Oh, I Haven’t Played That Yet!
  • Ding!
  • Taking a Vacation
  • Playing the Other Side
  • Professions for the Little Guy
  • Professions for the Big Guy
  • I Keeel You!
  • Doing It Without BOA
  • Don’t Need Heals? /logs to mage
  • Today I Feel Like…
  • TB Dailies Again?
  • Hey Buddy!
  • What Are These Buttons For?
  • Desolace Isn’t Desolate?
  • Who’s My Toon Again?

With alting fractured into 15 potential topics, assuming we do one podcast a week, that’s over three months of material! We’ll see how things go, but I’m looking forward to doing this series and hope that you are looking forward to it too.

We’ll be announcing the first podacst once we’ve got everything set up.

Until then, have fun playing!


Enter the Alts: Poll

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Poll
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Welcome to the Fractured Alt podcast. As we prepare for our first show (which will be announced later) we need your help! I know what alting means to me, but I want to know what it means to you.

We will fracture the concept of alting into as many shards as we can, like a mirror broken. Laying on the floor the glass reflects different parts of the room, bringing them into focus. Which shard is most like you?

There’s an alt in each of us.

Why do you do it?